Tear Gas Grenade Happy it Finally Gets to Smack Against a Hippie

Phoenix, AZ РWith the arrival of President Trump in Phoenix, AZ for a rally and a speech, the police forces in the area were on high alert for disturbances and riots, including the possible use of non-lethal ammunition. Something that the latter were looking forward to doing their whole existence.

Police Blotter Five-O interviewed one such a piece of ammunition to get its insight on the planned protests. The tear gas grenade, who calls itself “Mucusy,” further commented saying: “My whole life, ever since I was made in a Chinese factory, I have dreamt of being launched at 100 feet per second, and smacking on an anarchist’s face or balls. Now, thanks to the Phoenix PD, I get to fulfill my life’s destiny.”

The positive response is also shared by many of Mucusy’s friends, like “Larry” the pepper ball and “Suzy” the wooden baton.



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