Citizen: “I Hate Cops, but Only When I Don’t Need Them”

Richmond, VA – A vocal citizen from the Richmond area has made waves around locals for his sharp dislike of police officers. The citizen, Mr. John Moran, has been heard saying that he wishes all cops disappeared and that such a thing would bring good things to his neighborhood. When asked about what would happen if he was a victim of a crime, the subject said: “Well, I would call the cops, that’s why I pay taxes.”

Police Blotter Five-O spoke to the highly confusing subject, who stated that he hates cops and are good for nothing unless he needs them. When asked about the irony and ridiculousness of his comments, the subject said: “I learned this from my time in public colleges; I know they’re right.”

We also spoke to the chief of police from the nearby station, who advised that it is part of any police officer to defend and protect anyone, even the highly ignorant.


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