Anti 2nd Amendment Protestors ask for Armed Security During March

Washington, DC – A group of protesters is asking the city of Washington, DC to provide them with extra security during their planned march this month. The organization, “Devout Involved Citizens (DIC’s),” which is a local group that pushes liberal ideas, has decided to stage an anti-second amendment┬áprotest thru the streets of the nation’s capital.

Some of the issues that the DIC’s are protesting, as it refers to the Second Amendment, are the fact that too many people have guns in America, as well as the fact that they don’t have any. In an interesting┬áturn of events, the DIC’s have asked the Washington DC Police to provide them with armed officers for their protection. One of the organizers, Mr. Steve Treeugger, spoke to Police Blotter Five-O and stated that “we don’t believe in anyone having any guns, and that they should be destroyed.” When asked about the armed security they requested, he said: “Well, we’re not crazy, it’s dangerous up in here!!”

The Washington DC Police responded to the DIC’s organization advising them that they will bring the dumbest security guards they can find for their protest.


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