Kathy Griffin Being Sued by ISIS for Trademark Breach

Kabul, Afghanistan – The leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has launched a litigation battle against Kathy Griffin for what he calls, “an egregious¬†breaching of trademarking,” after the once-famous star displayed a bloodied head of what appeared to be President Trump. In an interview with Police Blotter Five-O, commander Abdul-el Salami, expressed his strong opinions about the artist’s behavior claiming that Griffin has taken what is a common, and marketable trademark of beheading people, and made a mockery of it.

“This is outrageous and will be taken to the highest authorities in the UN, which by the way belongs to us, in order to get restitution.” Among some of the ISIS commander’s complaints is the fact that “No ugly women should be beheading people, that’s left to us dirty, flee-infested men” said Salami. The lawsuit asks for punitive damages in the form of one million goats and the souls of one hundred thousand infidels.

Police Blotter Five-O attempted to reach Kathy Griffin for comments but was met with negative results and a bunch of blocked messages from every American, not supportive of her behavior.


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