Officer’s Large Number of LED Lights Affecting Airports and NASA.

Palm Beach, Fl. – An officer with a local police department in Palm Beach County has accomplished an incredible feat. He has managed to install so many LED lights onto his patrol car, that it has caused a concern for airplanes, satellites, and even the International Space Station.

The officer, Mike Torreno, of the Delray Police Department, is an avid fan of extra lights in his car. He has approximately 100 feet of wiring running around his Ford Crown Vic, attached to at least a couple dozen lights, “It is never enough to be safe and to make sure others see you, even at the expense of their corneas” said a proud Torreno. Some of the concerns over his lights occurred when a flying airplane approaching the nearby Palm Beach Airport confused the police officer’s car with a UFO, and notified the FDA about its appearance. The investigation revealed that the officer was merely stopping a car for a traffic offense.

When asked about the officer’s vehicle, his supervisor┬ástated: “It’s a pain in the butt. Everytime another officer approaches him as a backup, he has to wear a welding mask to avoid a cancerous exposure.” He also added that the agency is working in redacting a policy for officers to restrict their use of extra lights.


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