Poll results: “Dodge Chargers are Awesome Police Cars, but Not for Police”

Detroit, MI – A poll conducted on hundreds of police officers nationwide yielded the best cars for police work. The officers were asked to choose among many brands and models. From the legendary Ford Crown Victoria to the newest Ford Explorer. One thing was common among those polled: The Dodge Chargers are the coolest police cars, just don’t use them for police work.

Some of the polled were asked what their thoughts were of the Charger. Some said that it makes them look great when pulling up to red lights, and others liked how fast they could go before they got written up for excessive speeds. But as much as they liked the car’s appearance and appeal the truth about this care became clear: It sucks!! “I do get to pick up hot chicks who see me in the car, but my legs have been cramped for the last two years.” said a courageous¬†Officer from a department in California.

Police Blotter Five-O spoke to a representative from Dodge, who once asked about the complaints had this to say: “We have the best police cars out there, period.¬†Just don’t expect them to be like Crown Vics or something!!” said the proud representative.


One thought on “Poll results: “Dodge Chargers are Awesome Police Cars, but Not for Police”

  1. Well then, proud Dodge rep, don’t expect to keep customers who cannot have their legs cramping up when their performance really matters.


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