Chief Drops MOAB’s on Staff: Extra Duty for the Holidays!!

Huston, TX – The Chief of the Corinth Police Department has dropped the Mother Of All Bombs on its personnel; it just wasn’t what some people thought. After the successful bombing in Afghanistan by the US Air Force, where a MOAB bomb was dumped on ISIS rats, the Chief, Carl Johnson, decided to do the same. In a show of force on his personnel the motivated Chief told his troops that they will have to work extra hours during the holidays.

This shocking revelation came as a bucket of cold water to the 100 officer force, since they were looking forward to having a time off with family. When asked why did he decided to mandate his people, the Chief said: “If General Mattis can drop such a surprise on ISIS and get the love of fellow Americans, I’m sure that my MOAB will have the same results on my people.”

The results of the MOAB’s dropped by the Air Force and the Chief got different results, however. While a series of tunnels and bunkers used by Al Qaeda and ISIS were destroyed by the military’s MOAB’s, the Chief’s bomb brought only destruction to the troop’s motivation.


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