Agency to Train Eviction Officers at United Airline Flights

Atlanta, GA – An agency with the Atlanta Bureau of Civil Services has decided to further sharpen their officers’ skills with what they believed was one of the best training formats. The agency has decided that after seeing how well and properly conducted United Airlines evicted their non-worthy passengers, they will follow suit. The first shipment of officers will arrive at the local airports where United Airlines operate and will learn their tricks.

By merely sitting on a United flight, and then telling people that they must leave due to mandatory removals, the officers can see how well and fine-tuned an eviction can take place. “Yeah, sometimes we end up cracking someone’s face or have to drag them on the floor while people record us, but we get the job done,” said a representative with United Airlines, who is the training chief for the program.

Officers with the unit getting the training are excited by the opportunities: “What we have seen in the media with United Airlines’ use of eviction tactics is amazing, and we can’t wait to try them, and possibly get sued by them,” said officer L. Clark, who feels confident that after the training he should be able to kick any fat, sloppy, Chinese men.



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