Internal Affairs Detective: April Fool’s Jokes About me are a Violation of Policy!!

Kingsland, GA – An Internal Affairs Investigator with the Kingsland Police Department (KPD), has concluded that the use of April Fool’s jokes around the department are a fragrant violation of policy¬†if such are aimed at him. The investigator, Detective L.J. Collins, has forwarded this warning to all officers of the agency after last year’s incidents, where he was the target of a multitude of jokes and pranks.

During last year’s April Fool’s Day, the detective, known for his severe punishments of officers during IA investigations, received a barrage¬†of jokes from his fellow coworkers. Some of those pranks included him getting his car covered with evidence tape, his office getting filled with foam toy rats, and having his coffee mug filled with ground worms. “I’m not going to take any jokes this year. If that happens, I’ll open IA cases on everyone. Believe me!!,” said an angry Detective Collins.

Detective Collins claims that he is the target of jokes and pranks due to his following of the departmental rules. But, Police Blotter Five-O found that some of his investigations left much to be desired. Some of these included improper use of meme’s as well as violations of the five-second rule. “The guy is a pain and we are happy to reciprocate,” said an anonymous officer.


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