Feminist Deputy Asks for Equality. Then Realizes It Sucks.

Settle, WA – A Self-proclaimed feminist deputy from the King County Sheriff’s Office created a firestorm within the agency after complaining of not being treated exactly like her male workmates. She complained that she has been given preferential treatment, such as attending galas and parades and appearing in recruiting posters. The department, after seeing this injustice, decided to give her what she asked for; although it may have been something she wasn’t prepared for.

Officer T.J. Mack, who has been with the KCSO since 2013, has worked in many capacities, such as assistant to the field commander, neighborhood relations liaison, and human resources recruiter. But, for this officer, these positions have only caused hardship in her life: “Yes, I have weekends, holidays, and any days off I want, but I think it is unfair I don’t get treated the same way other officers do.” said the angry activist officer. She then complained that it is unfair that she is not assigned to any unit she wants.

The department then decided to give her what she wanted. She was assigned to the night shift, in the most dangerous part of the city, under the command of the most strict supervisor. Her new duties included foot patrols in the projects area of the city, cleaning crime scenes, and typing a multitude of reports, among many others. “This is what our men and women do every day in the real side of policing,” said Sgt. M. Jones, Officer Mack’s new supervisor.

After seeing how much it sucked to be a real patrol cop, the once angry feminist officer changed her mind: “I was only joking. I will be ok going back to my old duties. Can I? Please?” said an almost-crying Mack. Police Blotter Five-O asked Officer Mack’s old bosses if she was going back, to which they said: “You get what you want. Now, deal with it.”


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