Millenial Rookie Officer Upset He Doesn’t get to Drive New Car

Boston, MA – A new officer with the Boston Police Department is claiming that he has sustained harassment and ridicule from his department; His reasons: He says that he does not have the equipment and tools necessary to do his job. Some of the elements that he requests are a new car, a new computer, and a flexible spending account for various work-related expenses like “Call of Duty” credits, or therapy sessions with his comfy blanket.

The young officer claims that doing his job is too difficult when the conditions do not allow him to bring his maximum potential. “I have been told my whole life that things will always go my way, as long as I dream about them. Well, I dream of a new car and free massages,” said a confident and proud McConnor. The officer, who has been with the department for about eight months, has previously asked that he not be placed in “dangerous” situations and that he be given priority on vacation picks, as he considers his personal time above all else.

Police Blotter Five-O spoke to the young officer’s immediate supervisor, Sgt. M. Murphy, who plainly and loudly stated: “I hate those f****ng millennials. Every time I see them, it makes me wanna hate my kids.” When asked about Officer McConner’s requests, Sgt Murphy said: He can suck a melon thru a straw!!!


8 thoughts on “Millenial Rookie Officer Upset He Doesn’t get to Drive New Car

  1. I love it!! Old school NYPD…some old timer should grab this rookie and tell what I was told 25 years ago…”Tie up your boots nice and tight rookie and get on your post!”… Perhaps a tour or three on foot in the projects may set this ladd straight..


  2. What is he going to do when faced with a real life situation. When I became an officer we didn’t get to ride in a car let alone a new one. We walked many foot post’s and learned to interact with the community. It was a few years before they even really trusted you to be able to make the proper calls at scenes.


  3. Really!?!!

    I remember as a rookie, being issued the worst unit and old gear. I was happy to have it. WTh is wrong with this generation? You have to prove yourself and earn your way. You are not entitled to anything… I strive everyday to ensure that my children know that they have to work hard to be successful. I hope that they do not end up like this whiny, spoiled, everyone gets a trophy brat…


  4. Hahaha Great Stuff !! I have. Even following Duffel Blog which is a satirical sight for the Military!
    But , Now we have a Leo site too !!
    CHRISTMAS IN JULY !!!!!!!!!! Whoooohooo

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