Training Officer Finally Finds Out that Nobody Cares What He says.

Raleigh, NC – A training officer with the Raleigh Police Department (RPD), has made a shocking announcement: He found out that no one cares what he says during his teaching sessions. The officer discovered this problem when, after speaking for two hours on how to handle a gun, he noticed that people were sleeping, crying, and even attempting to escape the lesson.

Training officers are some of the most important individuals in any police agency. This is no different in the RPD, where training officers are charged with providing lessons on everything from handgun cleaning to building clearances. No one seems to understand why Officer M. Thomson, who has been with the department two years, with six months of those two years on road patrol, is not liked by others: “I just want to impart my experience nd knowledge to others, so they have a greater chance to make it thru their shifts,” said the shocked officer.

It appears that other officers do not appreciate Officer Thompson’s long and detailed explanations on how to enter a cone of death or his 45-minute lesson on the proper placing of the trigger finger. Anonymous sources claim that the rate of depression and suicide has increased whenever Officer Thompson speaks, with some even claiming “please God, take me, I beg of You!!!!”



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