Hot Girl Issued Citation. Outrage Ensues Among LEO’s

Orlando, Fl.   22-year-old Stephanie Miller, a college student, who also works part time as a swimsuit model, has become the talk of police chatter. The young attractive girl stated that she was pulled over by a Florida State Trooper, and issued a citation for speeding. This has caused outrage within the ranks of police officers who consider this a sin.

According to reports, the Trooper stopped the young woman for traveling over 10 miles an hour over the limit. Once the Trooper made contact with the driver, who was wearing her “Hooters” uniform, he scolded her on her driving and commenced to write her a citation. “She needed a lesson on how to properly drive,” said the Trooper. When asked why he decided to break the barrier that existed between hot girls and traffic stops, the Trooper said: “This is what the State of Florida pays me for.”

News of the traffic stop spread widely among law enforcement officers, with some calling for a money campaign to pay for the girl’s ticket, so other hot girls don’t think this is the norm. “We want to make a call to all hot girls in America that we still want to give you breaks during traffic stops; as long as you give us a nice smile and compliment how well we look in uniform. Even if we look like a bag of donuts,” said Officer Dan Angelo, with the Florida Officers Association.

A petition with more than 100,000 signatures has been created to have the Florida State Patrol teach their Troopers proper traditions and customs.


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