ICE to Hire Native Americans so They can Deport Everyone.

El Paso, Tx – In recent times the role of the Immigration officers nationwide has become quite complicated. While deportations of illegal immigrants is not a new thing, the media has made their job the subject of many reports. Many believe that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), agents are targeting people who are illegally, but since everyone is descendent of immigrants, they should stop doing it.

So, in order to avoid issues and to appease an uninformed populace, ICE decided that the best thing they can do is hire Native Americans. “Once we have a force full of Native Americans working for us, they’re gonna be able to get everyone out” said Special Agent in Charge Mike Norton. According to the plan, once the new ICE agents get to the field, they are going to get record numbers of detainees.

Another agent, when asked about the idea, said: “I like the concept, but I hope they don’t deport us all since they are supposed to be the original Americans.” The new agents to be considered by this role will go thru a substantial background check, although going back to the early 18th century will be a difficult task.




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