Group to Ask that Police Carry Bullets That Don’t Kill.

San Francisco, CA – A group based out of the south side of the city of San Francisco has made a request to the Department of State indicating that they demand police officers around the country carry ‘non-lethal bullets” in their guns. The group, which self-identifies as “Peoples Against Bullets that Kill,” or PABK, argues that having officers carry real bullets only causes stress on people that may be killed by them.

Some of the arguments raised by the PABK in favor of their position include the idea that if cops carry non-lethal bullets, then criminals will not be inclined to shoot at them. They also believe that bullets filled with essential oils, instead of gunpowder, would cause violent people to calm as they will be covered in delicious fragrances.

When confronted with the statistics of officers killed in the line of duty every year by gunfire, the leader of the group, Mr. Sean Angelhair, said: “maybe criminals seeing cops using non-lethal bullets will also use them out of respect.” Police Blotter Five-O is still waiting for any evidence from the PABK to back up this claim. When asked if he would carry such ammo if he were a cop, Mr. Angelhair said: “Hell no, what are you crazy?”



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