9th Court of Appeals Rules That Criminals Crossing State Lines be Given Refugee Status.

Seattle, WA – The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (CCA) has a long and documented history of wonderful and rational decisions. With a magnificent 80 percent rate of reversals by the US Supreme Court, the ultra-liberal court has a great record of judicial activism, the likes of street-sales hippies and Facebook lawyers.

Another wonderful decision by the Court occurred when a case brought to them ended in a great decision. The case was brought by the CCA (California Criminals’ Association), claiming that their rights as criminal citizens of the United States had been violated, when one of their members crossed state lines while fleeing from police, and when apprehended, was charged federally for doing so. According to the CCA, this was a violation of the criminal’s rights, which was brought to the 9th CCA for review.

In a unanimous decision the judges from the CCA conceded that the “poor’ and “affected ” criminal had every right to cross state lines and ask for refugee status from that state. The ruling indicates; however, that this protection is only effective in California, Oregon, and Washington; as they know that the other states are comprised of people with brains and sense. Something they are not prepared to argue with.

A case that has brought much attention and that may bring the 9th CCA’s argument to the Supreme Court was that of Charles Smith, who crossed from California, all the way to Texas to evade justice, and was not only arrested in Texas, but given an ass-whooping for being a “doggone hippie” as someone reported.


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