Poll: Officers Still Don’t Know Who the I.T. People Are!!

New York City, NY – In an ever increasing world of technological advances policing has become a more complex job. The job has gone from simply hand type reports to electronically send them to the Sgt. Because of this, many departments have hired I.T personnel to help with these problems. The issue is: No one seems to know what these people do, or who they are!!.

In a poll conducted across the nation, a significant majority of officers had no clue what I.T. does, or even where it is located in their stations: “I know they take care of our computers, but I am yet to see one of those guys alive,” said Officer R. Jones with the NYPD. “I think they come out at night, but you have to catch them on their feeding period,” said another officer who thinks they’re not real and may be mere urban legends.

According to other officers’ responses from the poll, many believe that I.T is just a conspiracy theory, the likes of the Lunar Landing, or Area 51. They say that it is very hard to believe that people of Indian descent can have such a monopoly on technology repairs, and know exactly what to do when you accidentally erase your files while playing Solitaire.




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