Shift Sgt. to Build Wall Around Office to Keep Lt. Out!!

Fairfax, VA – A Sergeant with the Fairfax City Police Department has entered unchartered waters on the way he wants to protect himself and his people. In an incredible chain of events, Sgt. Mark Hunt has commissioned a 10-foot wall around his office, in order to keep off a menacing and incredibly annoying Lieutenant. According to Hunt, his immediate supervisor, Lt. Jeannine Cross, has a custom of walking into the Sgt’s office approximately 20 times a shift, and ask “Do you need my help,” or “Do you know how to do that?” The Sergeant also advised that when a hot call comes out, almost immediately the Lt. calls him to tell him how he needs to supervise the call.

The frustrated Sgt. has then decided to take drastic measures and has done so by mimicking our current administration: “If a wall can keep terrorists and drug dealers from our country, I’m sure as hell it can keep the Lt. out.” Hunt has also sought counsel from the current Trump administration to find out how a wall can help him with his cause, andthough he is not too fond of the manufactured outrage.

Sgt. Hunt hopes that a wall around his office will make his job easier and will maintain the know-it-all lieutenant at bay and busy with home owners’ association meetings.





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