NYC Mayor: Illegal DUI Perps Won’t be Arrested. Legal Drunks Say: “What About Us?”

New York City, NY – In a move that has caused much debate in national fronts, current New York Major Bill DeBlasio has said that any illegal immigrant who is caught driving under the influence, will not be prosecuted and/ or taken for deportation. He made the comments after saying that deporting illegal immigrants who commit “minor” crimes, like DUI, and are arrested, can cause mistrust in the illegal immigrant community of NYC.

Many have found this policy absolutely unfair, but not more than one specific community: The Legal Drunks of New York. A spokesman for the group related to Police Blotter Five-O that; “This country was built on equality, and as such we expect our members to also get away with driving drunk. It’s simply the American thing to do.” The group has also started campaigns to bring awareness of this problem with signs that include messages like “Our Love for Alcohol Units Us, Not Divide Us”, or “C2H6O Lives Matter.”

When asked about the Mayor’s policy, the head of the NYPD’s DUI unit stated: “The guy’s a Figlio di Butana.” We at Police Blotter Five-O believe that giving someone a chance to get away with committing crimes, because of their immigration status, is outrageous. Unless you live in New York; in that case, its ok.


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