Police to Sign Giant “Thank You” card After Massive Overtime from Protests.

Washington, DC – For many officers around the nation making some extra cash is always a good thing. Some officers look for security details outside of their normal hours of work, whereas others look for any available overtime. The latter being the preferable one, as the pay rate is normally higher. But, as it happened to be, with the positioning of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States, things have changed for many. A rash of protests, riots, and civil disturbances have taken place as a way to complaint about anything and everything, which has translated into dollars for the officers working those events.

“I thank President Trump for upsetting all these people for no reason, giving use the chance to buy new cars and make home repairs,” said Officer John Hicks, from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

Because of all the available money from protests, a group of MDP officers have decided to create a giant-sized “Thank you” card so all the officers receiving the extra cash can sign; therefore showing their appreciation to the protesters. The spokesman for the MDP “Thank You” card project stated to us that “as President Trump continues to make decisions that will hurt people’s feelings, the opportunities to make extra money are unlimited.”

Police Blotter Five-O thanks feminists, anarchists, celebrities, BLM, and every other protesters for wasting people’s time, yet giving officers the extra income they deserve. Thank you!!


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