ACLU Asks Cops to Stop Recording Criminals Breaking the Law.

Throughout the nation the many law enforcement agencies are slowly, but surely, moving into the technology realm by getting their officers body cameras. The concept, which started a few years ago, came to light after many issues related to use of force at the hands of police officers were seen. The cameras, while having many advantages, like capturing an officer’s actual threats and serving as witnesses on their behalf, do have one problem: They catch criminals breaking the law!!

According to the ACLU (Americans Civil Liberties Union), the fact that video recordings from officers’ body worn cameras (BWC), show the actions of individuals breaking the law is troublesome; “We find that recording our people while committing crimes is terrible. They should have the freedom to commit those crimes without being recorded; it’s just simply the common sense to do,” said Carl Pittman, a spokesman for the organization.

During a poll conducted at major crime spots around the country, many criminals found frustration at the use of BWC by cops, and some even called it “racist.” After hearing the demands by the ACLU, a majority of criminals felt encouraged to know that they could count on someone to help them with their cause: “I mean, it is just fair to commit crimes and expect some privacy while doing so,” said Charles Min, a multiple burglar and thief.

After the ACLU’s requests were made to major police departments, those agencies headed by liberal chiefs said that they thought it was a brilliant idea, worth experimenting; while those headed by conservative chiefs told them to go f***k themselves.


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