30 Year Veteran Officer is Still Unable to Turn Car Computer On

Miami, Fl. – Technology used in law enforcement has changed tremendously the way the job is done. Gone are the days when officers had to respond to their police stations to hand-type their reports, or when they had to use car radios as their only source of communications. But, for one officer in the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD), this transition has not been an easy one.

Officer Jose Arellano, a 30 year veteran of the force, has found much confusion on many of the technological advances police has made. One such challenge is the turning on of his patrol car’s computer. While his computer was issued in 1997 and currently has the Windows 95 version, Arellano can’t seem to find the button to turn it on. “I’ve looked everywhere for the On dial but can’t seem to find it. All I see is a thing that looks like Pacman eating a cannoli,” said a frustrated Arellano.

Arellano, while being an exemplary law enforcement officer, lacks the ability to adapt to changes. As an example, Officer Arellano is still concerned about the “air horn” he has in front of his unit, as he does not want it to overheat from the rotational winding. He also spends significant amounts of time looking for the carbon copies “trapped” in between the papers ejected from the department’s copy machine. “We haven’t told Officer Arellano that he no longer needs to send stenographic reports to our records’ department, because we know he may not take such a drastic change lightly,” said his supervisor.

Let’s hope Officer Arellano finds the courage to get with current times, or at least move to Central America, where his technological skills are up to date with the society there.




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