Protesters Angry at Police for not Getting Beat Up!!

Across the country a continuous rash or protests and riots have caused concerned in the minds of many citizens, but none as important as the lack of protestors getting their ass kicked by the police. The most affected by this phenomenon are the ones who fight in the front lines, hoping and praying to get an ass beating that never comes.

“It’s my constitutional right to spit on cop’s faces, curse their families, and burn their cars; but I am very disappointed that they have not kicked my ass yet!!”, stated Carline Johnson, an animal-gender-bending studies graduate student at a local university. The concern has come to the surface after multiple reports from the front lines indicated that police are not doing their jobs and have not send people to the hospital in the numbers that were expected.

While talking to one of the protest organizers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Police Blotter was provided¬†information that may be prejudicial against the police officers’ actions. In one interview with John Esteves, leader of the “Warriors for the Protection of Armpit Hair,” he communicated that all attempts to have the police abuse and beat up their members were found fruitless, something he found “outrageous and typical of the Republican, right-wing, gun-loving, beer drinking Trump supporters”.

As protests continue across the country, many are asking themselves; “Are we living in such a horrible world, where not even cops can kick our asses!!??” It is the belief of this author that such is true, and it is tragic.



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