Department Innovates with Facebook Police Academy!!

The Pennsylvania State Police has broken ground on the way they are now dealing with their recruit training. They have closed their training grounds and decided that the best method to train their prospect officers is by the use of highly qualified memes and posts.

After much analysis and study, the division of training standards at the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), argued in favor of a Facebook academy after they found out that the immense source of police, law, and tactical information from people in Facebook overqualified their current training curriculum. “It is simply the right thing to do.” said Sergeant M. Currant, the chief training official. He also added that the comments, shares, and ten second videos commonly seen on Facebook, coming from highly qualified police experts, made the decision easier to make.

The decision has been welcomed by the internet police community, whom, with their posts and comments, provided healing to a nation in need of reason on police matters. In a country where police actions are questioned every day, the use of pimpled-face 45 year old hipsters as primary police instructors is a step in the right direction.




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