Millennial Trainee Assumes Control of Force

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department has endured a tradition of excellence for many years, and has earned the respect of its community. But, no without its scandals and problems. Like many other departments, the FLPD has fallen victim of what millennials call “unfair practices”, something that is a critical issue within the ranks of the agency.

But, as problems were plaguing the agency, they were fortunate enough to hire Steve McNear; a 19 year old high school graduate, who has become the salvation to the force. McNear’s experience included a sting at Game Stop and a magnificent summer job at the Army-Navy Outlet. On his first day of field training, the courageous McNear pointed out to his trainer (20 year veteran Marc Foster), that his vehicle was not blue tooth capable, and neglected the presence of a back up camera. “He has taught me so much!!!,” said the cheerful Foster, when asked how he felt training such an amazing young man. As time passed and McNear continued his training, after mere two weeks in the force, he asked for weekends off and a pay raise. He made these requests to the patrol captain, who found this young man to be a brilliant addition to the force.

Once FLPD Chief saw the talent and abilities that McNear brought to the force, such as his passion for video games, and his experience in such tasks as packing bags at his home supermarket, the Chief found no reason why McNear should not be in charge of the force of 500 officers. “I have never seen so much talent and experience in one person,” Chief Summers added, as he gave the keys of his unmarked vehicle to McNear. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department has broken new grounds in police administration, which may be followed by other agencies alike.



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